Terms & Conditions

By booking a photo session with me, I will assume that you have read and agreed to my terms and conditions.:


Non-Commercial Rates


Half Day booking: 200 GBP

Full Day booking: 350 GBP


Commercial Rates

Rates differ between 800-1,200 GBP , depending on assignment.

All commercial shoots must be booked via my agency. My agent is Tina Higginson and she can be contacted via email: bookings@flirt-pr.com or Telephone: (+44) 01279 897029



  • Payment can be made by cash on the day of the shoot or by bank transfer the day before.
  • Deposits and cancellation fees can be paid via bank transfer or I will send you to a private URL  where you will have the option to pay by Visa, Mastercard or Apple Pay.
  • No cheques, Paypal or Western Union payments are accepted.
  • I am registered self-employed and will give you a handwritten receipt at the end of the photo session.
  • If a rate has been agreed on for a set amount of time, I require full payment even if you cut the photo session short.


Deposits & Cancellations

For  tours, I require a non-refundable 50% deposit to confirm a booking. This is to make sure that I am not out of pocket in the event of a cancellation, as I will have spent many hours preparing for tours and booking travel and accommodation in advance.

I require 100% of the booking fee for late cancellations (cancelled with 72 hours or less notice), or 1 week notice for planned tours. I understand that life is hectic and sometimes plans need to be changed last minute. I am very understanding when this happens and will aim to be as accommodating as possible, however I have zero tolerance for no-shows.


Model Release Forms & Image Use


If you require a signed model release form, then this MUST be discussed in advance. I have the right to refuse signing a model release form on the day, if it hasn't been discussed beforehand. When booking a photo-shoot with me, where you intend to use my image must be made clear before the shoot. This is for my own brand protection and to avoid any conflict of interest with my PR team. Any commercial shoots (ie. working for brands/ large corporations on advertorials) must be booked via my agency and rates will differ, as well as added 20% agency commission on top.

If booking directly via me, I am happy for images of me to be used in your portfolio (online and in print), for print sales on your website, non-profit publications/editorials, art exhibitions, competition entries and e-commerce websites for independent/low profit fashion designers & independent businesses. (I am always happy to support independent business owners and struggling artists!) If you require a release form to use my images for these reasons, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will draft up a release form that is specific to this use.

I never expect to be sent images after a photoshoot, however I am always interested in seeing the results of our combined efforts! If you have photos from our shoot that you are proud of, please credit me as 'Valis Volkova' when posting online and tag me on Instagram: @valisvolkova . If you are happy for me to post images from our shoot on my social media pages, feel free to email me the edited images and details on how you would like to be credited. : volkovarocks@gmail.com


Levels & Boundaries

My maximum level is artistic nudity (for stills only. No video!) I do not work up to open leg or participate in adult shoots of any kind. I have the right to refuse to work on a concept that is outside of my comfort zones. Aside from shaking your hand at the beginning and the end of the shoot, I have a zero touching policy when I am working. I am a human being that enjoys having personal space, not a mannequin. If there is a hair/makeup issue or wardrobe malfunction, please tell me so that I can fix it myself, or feel free to bring a female assistant who can help out.  If I feel that my levels are being pushed in any way or I am uncomfortable working with you, I will terminate the photo session. I will also respect your personal space too.

If video work is a vital part of the session, please let me know beforehand and don't just assume that I'll be ok with it because I'm an actress. I'm actually very shy on video and need time to prepare a character beforehand.



Health & Safety

I have the right to refuse a concept or work in a location that I feel is not safe. Although my insurance covers the use of heat and fire, I am not insured to work on underwater shoots or in dangerous locations (ie. derelict buildings or climbing up rocky mountains).  I am very enthusiastic to work on urbex and underwater shoots, but for peace of mind, I need to know that I would be covered on your insurance in case anything went wrong! For underwater shoots, I will ask you to provide a risk assessment and assurance that there will be a health & safety officer present on the shoot with first aid training.


These terms and conditions are to be used as guidelines. I am actually a very accommodating and fun person to work with, however I ask that you please respect my boundaries and T&Cs.

To talk about any of the above points or if you have any concerns, please feel free to email me on: volkovarocks@gmail.com